Pressure washing:
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Lavage Express G.M.,
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Thanks to a powerful jet of high-pressure water, you can say goodbye to the grime, stubborn stains and graffiti marring the outer walls of your business or residence and make them look like new again. At Lavage Express G.M., we have the necessary equipment and products to effectively remove all traces of dirt, mud and pollution.

Whether you need to wash the outer walls of your home, clean your paving stones, eliminate the layers of dust and pollution covering your shopping center or wash your fleet of trucks, you can count on our team to do the job.

Some surfaces require the work to be done carefully by a skilled technician. Lavage Express G.M. performs the cleaning work using a high-pressure jet, in compliance with the regulations of your industry. We undertake every project with professionalism, rigor and meticulous attention to detail.

From cleaning your pool border and washing the outside of your home to cleaning your rain gutters and washing your fleet of trucks, we’re your specialists in Île-Perrot and the West Island area.

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